Fatty Acids

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Essential fats play a fundamental part in a healthy diet for every man, woman, child and elder. They are classically essential for any type of athlete as they improve brain function, , joint problems, cardiovascular health, and have immunostimulatory effects. EFAs also improve energy levels, stamina, recovery, and assist in fat loss. Omega -3/6/9 EFAs are important to have in your diet as it serves many positive functions. They provide a slow and steady release of energy. When compared to carbohydrates, there is no spike in insulin and the energy is sustained longer. Now, when combined with carbohydrates, the body tends to use the fat offered by the omegas as energy first which will increase the storage of carbohydrates as glycogen. This process shows that Omegas can increase the activity of the genes involved in glycogen production. On that note, Omegas do have the privilege of turning on and off genes. They can turn on genes that are involved in fat burning while turning off genes involved in fat production. This action of turning on and off genes ultimately lowers triglyceride levels by increasing the amount being burned, and decreasing the amount being produced. As oils, they provide the body with energy that is free of insulin contribution. This means that Omegas do not raise insulin levels, and therefore, blood sugar levels remain stable. With stable blood sugar levels, problems such as cravings, depression, etc. are evaded. Other benefits that omegas offer involves improved skin conditions, cardiovascular functions, muscular development, lowers insulin requirements as well as strenuous cardiovascular functions, and speed up recovery from training sessions. . Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an unsaturated fatty acid found in meats such as beef, lamb, and also in dairy products. CLA has been noted to have a positive association with overall weight loss. Its main contribution to fat loss is its ability to have effects on appetite suppression. CLA obtains beneficial effects on cholesterol metabolism, HDL metabolism, and fibrinogen. Therefore, implementing this supplement into your diet along with your EFAs can help amplify your fat loss results!