Health Food Pitfalls

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If you knew me, you'd know how much of a "foodie" i am. I love learning about different foods, different takes on foods from all sorts of professionals in the field, and also that I enjoy eating. Now, when I say "I enjoy eating", I'll come out and say it, "I love eating unhealthy foods!". I don't do it often, but since I do not compete and am not prepping for any shows I allow myself to indulge. I am only human. However, I don't sit around eating my "treat meal" and encourage people that are trying to lose weight to go ahead and eat a pizza or two because it'll help their metabolism. No! Most people that are trying to lose weight are so unknowledgable that they'll believe anything out of the mouths of a "healthy" looking person. We've all seen and overheard it. Professional basketball players saying that they drink sugar-filled sports drinks everytime they play, Olympians and baseball players saying they NEED a footlong subway sandwich to feel good, and of course celebrities doing commercials for a company that is paying them millions of dollars to say it works...ahem...Charles Barkley...ahem...Weight Watchers... The problem I have with these type things is that when it comes to trying to be in shape, healthy, fit, etc. people are lost and at some point everything they hear "has to be true, right"? If their favorite athlete lost 20lbs in the offseason by eating a large swiss and cheddar submarine sandwich and a milk every single day, it has to work, and that person has to eat that for lunch at work everyday...right? Obviously not! There are plenty of foods out there that can help someone lose weight, and reach their goals but you need to find out what is going to work best for you. Read labels, learn foods, eat natural foods and DO NOT listen to commercials. Sorry to break the news to some of you, but eating a Chicken Breast with a 3lb platter of Whole Wheat pasta for dinner everynight probably just isn't gonna help you reach your goal just because both those foods are healthy. Stephen Obar (@OBARmuscle) is a writer for various fitness publications, a personal trainer, diet coach and a cancer survivor. Stephen currently spends his time hitting the weights as well as continuing to soak up all he can on the newest and latest bodybuilding and nutrition studies and news.  When he is 'relaxing', you can find him in the kitchen, and overseeing his little brother's nutrition and training as he is a sponsored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.