Bodybuilding - Bigger Biceps

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Curls for the girls… the phrase that says it all; or does it? Isolation exercises in bodybuilding may seem like the right way to go when it comes to growing your biceps, but next time your in the gym, try to save the curls until the end. With your chest, to get it bigger and thicker, you utilized a compound movement, let’s say the incline barbell press, and then end with an isolation, let’s say the pec dec. With your legs, to get rounder and wider quads, you utilized a compound movement, let’s say the back squat, and then end with an isolation, let’s say the leg extension. Let’s take that same concept and throw it in with the biceps—next time you have an arm day, get a few working sets with varations of chin-ups (underhand grip)—wide, close, neutral. Really squeeze your biceps at the top of the pulling movement.  The activation of the muscles during this compound exercise will help stimulate growth. After that, you can go to more of an isolated compound movement like an EZ bar curl, and then end with a complete isolation movement like a single armed preacher curl. Below is a plan I’ve used to get my arms bigger and badder than ever.  Try it out and let me know how it worked for you by leaving a comment below or sending me a tweet: @DANIMAL_Beast
  • Neutral Grip Chin up: 2x8
  • Wide Grip Chin up: 1x8
  • Close Grip Chin up: 2x8
  • Neutral Grip Chin Up: 1xfailure
  • EZ Bar Curl: 4x10 (alternate close and wide each set)
  • Reverse EZ Bar Curl: 2x10
  • Single Arm DB Preacher Curl: 3x12-15
Danny Quach is a graduate of the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) where he got his Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion and Behavior.  He is currently a corporate fitness and wellness coach as well as a wellness coach.  Having a background in powerlifting, he currently holds some records for USAPL Georgia in the raw junior divisions.  He took the leap to do a bodybuilding show in the Summer of 2011 and has been hooked ever since.  He’s competed in many different natural federations, most notably placing 1st in the Novice Division as well as earning “Best Poser” in NANBF’s Excelsior Classic in the Summer of 2012.  Goals and plans for Danny include competing in naturally sanctioned NPC shows and earning an IFPA pro card in the near future.