Beast Log- Ryan's BCAA's Protocol

Posted by Connie K on

What’s up guys? I’ve been using Beast BCAAs for about 2 weeks now and I thought I’d share how I’m going about it. A lot of people are confused about the ways to get the maximal benefits from their BCAA’s. By maximal benefits, I mean keeping your body anabolic and creating an environment for muscle growth or prevention of muscle loss when dieting. Well you’re probably asking, this sounds great and all but how do I go about doing this?! This is how I’d go about doing it 9:00am: Pre-morning cardio – 3 caps Beast BCAAs 10:30am: 100% Beast Whey shake 11:30am: Meal 1 (post-cardio) 1:30pm: 3 caps Beast BCAAs 3:00pm: Meal 2 5:00pm: 3 caps Beast BCAAs 7:30pm: Meal 3 (Pre workout) 8:00pm: Lifting (3 Caps Beast BCAAs in the car as I arrive at the gym) 9:30pm: 100% Beast Whey shake 10:00pm: Meal 4 (Post-workout and pre-bed meal essentially)    width=   Bear in mind that taking BCAAs also helps enhance recovery. Personally, I find they also help decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I normally don’t do the morning cardio but if I do which is pretty rare, I’d take them before doing cardio. Also another thing to note, I don’t take Whey as I’m allergic to it but if I did, this is exactly how I’d do it. The plan up there should be manageable and easy to do for most people. Times would obviously be different for each person depending on your schedule but essentially you take the BCAA’s between your meals. You can also take them pre-workout, post-workout or intra-workout. I prefer pre personally because I always take a shake after working out. If the BCAAs are in powder form I like to sip them through my workout but if they’re in capsule form, which the Beast BCAAs are, then I prefer taking them directly before training. There are benefits of taking the BCAAs at all of those times. For the guys out there struggling to put on the muscle, this just may be the slight edge you need to push you over the border of maintaining weight and adding muscle! Or for the people trying to diet down, this may just be what you need to keep that lean muscle and burn that fat off! Let me know what you guys think, and if you’ve tried it, let me know your results.  Strive to get big, strong, fit and healthy. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”- Harriet Tubman    width=Ryan is a business graduate who found his passion in fitness. He's always on the Internet trying to learn more about bodybuilding, training, and dieting. When he's not learning, you can find him either in the kitchen preparing a meal, eating, watching the UFC or at the gym trying to break a new PR. Ryan is also a big advocate of social networking websites such as twitter because they allow for people of all social and economical statuses to communicate.