Baby Steps

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Whoever coined the phrase 'baby steps' sure knew what he/she was talking about.  After giving the stairmill a shot this week, not only did I feel like a baby for not being able to even complete a workout in that thing, it took me a minute before I could take 3 steps to the ellyptical machine to finish my cardio workout.  And the sad thing? it was like time stood still- it sure felt as though I was on that thing for 3 hours but nope...when I couldn't take it anymore it read: 04:34.  And no that's not four hours and 34 minutes. Baby steps right now is an understatement.  What a joke! I couldn't even complete 5 minutes in that machine! I can do 30 on the treadmill no problem, 30 on the elliptical no problems, heck I can play competitive tennis for 90 minutes and still have energy to run a lap or two! What in the world has this thing done to me? For those of you not familiar, the stepmill has many other names: stairmaster, step machine  and my favorite, the devil incarnate (yeah, yeah, I know it's not a person but whatever).  If you believe that there is a heaven and a hell, I guarantee you hell consists of a bunch of these machines set up around a nice little fire with a glass of warm water for refreshment.  With maybe some elevator music playing in the background. At this point it'll take me like a year to be able to climb Machu Picchu- And most importantly, how lame can I be? I looked around the gym to see what my options were and my eyes pretty much glazed over and I think I started to snore a little. Zumba, step aerobics (they still teach that?) and spinning (ok those seats need re-designing). Seriously? I'm not a class person but I'm thinking it may be my only option. So PLEASE help me out here guys, ladies, brothers, the only way to beat this by just hitting it every time and shoot for a higher number? Is there some other cardio out there with the same benefits? (as an FYI running to me, is another version of hell as well so don't recommend that- and it's mostly because of my ankle/foot/knee injuries that I can't run- so not trying to offend any runners out there). At this point I'm really enjoying the weight work because of the results I'm seeing- but I know that to loose I need to step it up. So help a girl out. What do you like to do for cardio? How do you make cardio fun? Is there even 'fun' in cardio? I want to be the true definition of Fit. Healthy. Strong.  Right now I think I may be two of those so I need some help with that third one. Anyone? Help!   Yours truly, Jane   By day, Jane is usually playing tennis, working and a newbie to the world of weights.  By night, she lives and breathes twitter, facebook and writing (if in fact she can actually lift her arms up to her keyboard from all the arm work from the day before).  She also spends a lot of time near a swimming pool and being taxi driver to a swarm of pre-teen girls.  She has a weakness for cupcakes an Diet Coke (not together though) but is changing that to broccoli and water. You can find her on twitter at @BeastSportsGirl, on Facebook at or by email at