Gym Confidence - 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Stuart Smith on

By Brandan Fokken 261674_10152851583085072_504252678_nNothing is worse to me than seeing someone afraid to go to the gym because of self-doubt. If you feel self-conscious at the gym, you are not alone. Everyone has that difficult first day at the gym, before they fall in love with going to gym. To build success in the gym, you will need to change your outlook on yourself. Use these 3 strategies to gain confidence to reach your fitness goals.
  1. Surround Yourself With Positive People It is said that the 5 people you choose to surround yourself with the most will ultimately decide which road in life you choose to walk. If you take a look around a gym, you will see that those with the best physiques, or the ones most motivated, are with like people. The same applies to the world of business; successful people are usually surrounded by other successful people. Consider if you’re hanging out with those who are out of shape, lack ambition and motivation - then you’re likely to take the same path. What’s worse is when you try and separate yourself from that lifestyle and those types of people; they will hold you back and do what they can to lead you away from your goals. Negative comments will be sent at you like straight arrows, along with doubts placed in your head – you have to dart all of this. They see the positive changes you are making, and that can provoke fear within them; the fear that they too will have to make changes to be accepted. If you want to reach your potential and be the best you can be, then surround yourself with the best!
  2. We All Have The Same Goal Possess strength and power. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by others at the gym. You must understand that most are there for the same reason: to better themselves. The path to increasing one’s performance and overall health can be harder for some than it is for others. But this is a journey we share together; our end goals will be different, but we are on the same journey to betterment. Whether you are just beginning or at an advanced stage, be the best YOU can be each and every day; and leave any self-doubt at the door. We all must begin at the starting line, no one knows it all, so do not allow someone else’s knowledge or their physical appearance detour you from becoming a better you. If you are a beginner, look up to those who are advanced for inspiration. Ask questions, get advice, ask for a periodic spot, and continue to educate yourself. Because those who are at an advanced stage were once where you are – at the beginning; but they had to do the same things in order to get to where they are now. Never give-up!
  3. Overcoming The “Can’t” Mindset Time and time again, I hear people say they were told that they can’t achieve their dream(s). CAN’T is a word that has to be eliminated from your vocabulary! Not only are you putting yourself down, but you are also putting down others who are around you. If there is something you want to achieve, than make it happen! Others may discourage you, but the only way you can’t do something is if YOU tell yourself that! What’s great is that you don’t have to listen! People who are unmotivated, or just lazy, will rebel against you when they see you moving ahead and will tell you that you “can’t”. They will make you doubt yourself, and make you think that your goals/dreams are not achievable; all to make you give-up. Instead, use this negativity as fuel for the drive to achieve; and prove others, even yourself, wrong! With every goal you set and achieve (that you previously believe you couldn’t), you will gain the confidence that you can in fact achieve whatever you set your mind to. If we go after all that we have the potential and capability to do, we would literally astound ourselves! Do not allow others to judge you! Speak with your actions and show your true capabilities. At the end, your greatness will silence the non-believers.