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Now you can combine the finest Test booster along with the finest Creatine supplement in one convenient stack.  We call it the Test Boost Stack. 

Super Test is regarded as the finest natural testosterone booster on the market today. Beast Super Test Caps are formulated to produce maximum testosterone levels to support lean muscle mass, increased strength and healthy libido.  Super Test also helps to detoxify the body by promoting healthy liver and kidney function. Carefully formulated and engineered for superior results, Beast Super Test Caps are packed with clinically proven ingredients that allow your body to increase its natural testosterone production and nitric oxide levels, producing the solid results that you expect from superior dietary supplements.


Beast Creature allows you to push harder and recover faster making it a powerful tool in your muscle building arsenal.  The carefully balanced ingredients include five of the most effective creatine forms on the market today that quickly deliver four grams of creatine per serving. There are also absorption agents known as insulin-mimickers that allow for greater uptake of creatine into the muscle cells. Creature stimulates lean muscle and also acts to reduce muscle breakdown. The higher purity levels of the ingredients in Creature prevent intestinal discomfort and reduce bloating.

Together, Super Test and Creature are an unstoppable combination to help you build muscle, gain strength and be lean.


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