Working Out On The Road

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By Katie Chung Hua It's no secret I travel a lot, with that there aren't always five star gyms in hotels. Working out on the road can be a challenge, but here are some tips that I use to make sure I get a good sweat!
  • Run Stairs - Every hotel has stairs, and lots of them! You can always go for the traditional sprints straight to the top or mix it up by jumping stairs or lateral steps up.
  • Treadmill - Even if they have one treadmill that enough for a solid HIIT workout, or put it on a steep incline and work that booty with full extension steps.
  • Pool - Most hotels will have pools where you can strap on a suit and get in some great cardio and work your whole body by swimming laps. Kicks in the pool are another great workout for your glutes.
  • Take it Outside - My personal favorite is site seeing! It's always great to get some fresh air and go workout outdoors. You can find a park with a playground where you can use the bars for pull ups, hanging leg raises, do pushups, run springs and walking lunges.
So next time you're on the road, don't worry about leaving your gym behind! There are always alternatives to getting your exercise on no matter where you go!