Why I do it...the road to bodybuilding

Posted by Connie K on

I'm sitting here at 4:34am, plotting out my day on what carbs I should have and how much water I drink and fitting meals in between work and training and class... People often ask "why, Danny?  Why do you put yourself through it? for 16+ weeks? the meticulous dieting and the cardio..." and they ask "how do you do it Danny?  you do cardio in the am AND workout in the pm AND go to class AND work as a student?" They say "I could never do it... it's just not for me." And I say, "ain't nothing to it but to do it." I realized that, as grueling and as masochistic as it is, this is where my passions really are. Be it powerlifting, which I've dabbled in for over 6 years or training for my bodybuilding show, in the gym, eating my meals, and paying my dues are for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been lifting for years or if you’re a newbie..we're all here because our passions are within not just in the iron, but bettering ourselves... by grinding and hustling every hour of every day... 24/7/365. Sure, the iron all gives us the common ground, it's what ties us altogether...but our passions are within setting goals people see as impossible, busting our tails, and making them reality...our passions are in proving to the general public, our friends, our family, that heck, training is hard. sacrificing a social life from time to time is hard. dieting is harder. cardio freaking sucks. but it's what we love to do. we don't want to infect the disease of mediocrity and we won't settle... We won't settle even if we become a national contender in powerlifting, or an NPC bodybuilder, or the world's strongest man, because our passions within this life are to aspire to inspire.  We're here to push the limits and prove that even if things don't seem possible now, if you believe it-- if you breathe it-- if you live for what you really want it-- want what you really deserve, it can and WILL happen. So here's a personal thank you to everyone who has ever had wishes, fought for their dreams and made it become reality.  A Thank You to those who stayed up late for a meal, or woke up early to do cardio... A Thank You to those who if you ever had ANY haters or anyone who doubted you, and you went even harder and pushed the limits.  A Thank You to those who went to failure when you have 300+ lbs on your back in the squat rack.  A Thank You to those who balance out work and family and friends, and still make it a priority to be something more than the average joe.  width=Danny Quach is a senior at the University of Georgia and he's studying Health Promotion and Behavior.  He's a powerlifter at heart and has done it for over six years.  He just competed in his first bodybuilding show in Summer of 2011.  For powerlifting, he holds the USAPL Georgia records for Men's Raw Open 198 in Squat and Bench (413.4 and 319.7) as well as the overall total (1234.6) as well as all the records for 198 in the Men's Raw Junior (20-23 year old).  In his first bodybuilding competition, he placed 2nd in Novice in INBF Southern States.  On his spare time he's a part of the University of Georgia’s cheerleading co-ed squads; his favorite past-time? Throwing girls around and catching them.