Weekly Diet Plan With Sean Sarantos

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By: Sean Sarantos My Weekly Diet Plan - Monday Through Friday: - Morning: 2 cups of egg whites mixed with 4oz of lean ground beef - Snack: 2 slices of whole grain toast with almond butter - Pre-workout: 1 Scoop Karbolyn with 1 Scoop Iso whey about 30-45 minutes before my workout - Post Workout: 2 Scoops of Iso whey mixed with 2 brown rice cakes and 1 cup of almond milk - and 1 cup of water - Lunch: 12oz of chicken thighs (or breasts) 10 Asparagus Spears, 1 cup brown rice - Snack: Bowl of Greek yogurt mixed with varied fruits - Dinner: 10oz of chicken overloaded with greens (usually green beans) and an evening protein shake (casein) Saturdays and Sundays are usually the same, but I will allow myself some freedom such as alcohol or a burger, pizza etc... I always keep moderation in mind and don't go overboard. Usually 2 beers or a cheat meal is enough to satisfy whatever cravings I might have that week. Rough Overview of My Daily Macronutrients: Off Days: Protein - 246 grams Carbs - 265 grams Fats - 102 grams Calories - 2970 Training Days: Protein - 246 grams Carbs - 348 grams Fats - 102 grams Calories - 3300 Motivational Tips: For those just starting to make a change for a better lifestyle, the hardest part is usually the first month. From trying to learn how to make healthier meals, figure out workouts, make time for this and that, etc... it can all be extremely overwhelming! On top of that, they get stressed which leads to guilty eating or no eating period! It's in this time that the person will find out just how serious and committed they are. I try to get them in the mindset where instead of questioning whether or not they can complete the tasks at hand, question whether or not you want to continue down a road that will lead to bigger problems like: obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc... I give them the "24 hour goal" option. Instead of reaching for a 3 month goal down the road, just try to make it to the end of the day! Make your meals, eat them, get a workout, don't have cheats. All these SEEM easy, but for anyone just starting off, they might as well be trying to dunk a basketball when you're only 4' tall. At the end of the day when all the tasks have been met, the feeling is great and the confidence level has now increased! Giving the person that much more determination to get the next day done and so on! Each day bringing more confidence, more changes, and better health!