To Cheat or Not to Cheat...that is the question.

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Do you do “Cheat meals”?  I believe they do have their place in a well rounded health/fitness program and can be fit into a meal plan based on your current goals and overall health.  Obviously if you’re dieting down for a contest or something you probably are more stringent about what you take in.  For me personally, I go all out on occasion, and feel completely comfortable doing so. Why?  I am a believer in moderation.  I don’t think you’ll find a lot of people talking moderation when it comes to health/fitness because it can be a bit boring and most people are either on a path to lose weight, or gain weight.  There are very few people comfortable enough about where they are at in their health and wellness journey to just eat and exercise to “maintain”.  Maintenance can be uncomfortable for some, but if you can truly be happy with where you’re at, congratulations!    There is a fine line with moderation and maintenance though, as you can easily over-do it and eat too much while exercising too little. Cheat meals, or cheat days have to be done in moderation.  Obviously it’s not good if you’re going all out every day, or even several times per week.  I like to stick with once a week for a cheat meal/day.  It seems to fit well and gives me something to look forward to after putting in all the hard workouts.  If you don’t think you have the control, don’t do it at all, or try to maybe just have a cheat snack once a week. This is easily the largest burger/sandwich I've EVER eaten at one sitting.  This monster is the creation of Chef Mark Hipkiss @ John Howie Steak in Bellevue, WA and is named the “Kiss your hips goodbye burger”.  This was enjoyed on a recent trip to Seattle for work.  It consists of 2 grilled cheddar & Swiss cheese sandwiches serving as the top & bottom bun.  In the middle, the burger is a 12oz ground chuck patty topped with cheddar cheese, 3 slices of tempura bacon, and 2-3 tempura battered onion rings.  Placing this easily somewhere around 4500 calories, I knew I wouldn't be eating dinner that night so I went for it.  I polished this off in about 10-15 minutes.  I could only finish about half the fries though and I will never eat it again.  Deep fried bacon wasn’t as tasty as it sounded.    width= If you do cheat meals or days, let’s hear about them!  Or if you don’t do them, let’s hear why you don’t.  We’re not judging – so feel free to disclose your worst cheat meals.   What’s your favorite cheat meal?  What’s the biggest, badest cheat day you’ve ever had?  How often do you schedule cheat days or meals, are they always on the same day?  So let’s hear it – we love your feedback!    width=From 9-5, Lonnie sits in front of a computer.  Outside of being an IT Geek, he’s an athlete who’s familiar with the cycle of being fit-fat-fit that so many of us struggle with.  Down from his highest weight of 300lbs in June 2009, he’s made the permanent lifestyle change to remain Big. Strong. Fit. Healthy.  When not spending time with his wife, son and daughter, he’s at the gym keeping off the fat and adding quality lean mass.