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David G.
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Three Keys For Success in 2017

Posted by Josh Hachat on

image3-4It was a banner 2016 for Team Beast athlete Antonio Smothers. To enjoy your own success in 2017, the new IFBB Pro gave us know three important keys for success that made a major difference for him this year.
Antonio has had a strong history in the bodybuilding and physique world, posting three NPC Physique wins after a standout football and track career.
But he took the next step in 2016, winning the overall at the NPC USA Championships. It earned him an IFBB Pro card, a huge accomplishment for the up and comer in the sport. As for what made a big difference, Antonio honed in on three factors.
1) Visualization: "Start seeing yourself, in your mind’s eye, already in possession of whatever it is that you desire."
Antonio saw himself in great shape and as a champion. That belief helped push him during training and diet leading up to the show.
2) Persistence: "Staying the course no matter what adversity may come your way. Understand that what is happening to you, is what must happen, to prepare you to receive the good you desire."
There will be bumps on your journey. But that made the end result that much sweeter for Antonio, who shared his victory with his wife and fellow IFBB Pro, Chassidy Smothers.
3) Strive for excellence: "This means to have a commitment to completion. Realize that you will not stop until you complete the entire task."
Antonio didn't let up until he achieved his goal. That's something we can all use as motivation in 2017.
Antonio expounded further on each of those principles as well.
"These are the top three that helped me get over the proverbial hump, if you will. The great news is you can utilize them in any facet of your life. Personally I lack all three of these great principles, but I am definitely strengthening my mind to practice them daily. It all starts in the mind, and we become what we think about.
"So think of yourself in a great place, whether it's seeing yourself losing five inches in your waist size, capturing that promotion you always wanted or even winning a bodybuilding show. You must see yourself and when the time is right you will become that."