Team Beast Athlete Doing Big Things

Team Beast Athlete Doing Big Things - Beast Sports Nutrition

As always, Team Beast is doing amazing things in the gym. These athletes represent the true meaning of the word “Beast” inside and outside the gym, and hopefully serve as motivation to everyone who loves Beast Sports Nutrition. These athletes deserve some time in the spotlight and we wanted to feature a pair of them, in hopes of showcasing to you what it means to push yourself in the gym. We want you to be motivated by how hard they’re working, inspiring you to achieve your goals and accomplish even more. Let’s get to it! Steve Gentili (@ptfitness500 on IG) This monster is a champion powerlifter who deadlifts 800 pounds and squats nearly 700 pounds, but Steve is also a beast when it comes to anything related to the bench press. He was recently invited by Mark Bell to the world-famous SuperTraining Gym, where Bell got a first-hand account of Steve’s impressive strength. He hasn’t slowed down since, as evidenced by this incredible display on the incline press. If you’re running out of fingers trying to add up the weight on the dumbbells, it’s 200 pounds in each arm, and Steve blasts out an impressive 10 reps. His Beast Sports go-tos are Creature, Beast Protein and Beast Mode Black and we can’t wait to see this monster on the powerlifting platform this year!  

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      Yumon Eaton (@yumon_eaton on IG) This standout competitor is another true definition of a Beast, this time in the bodybuilding world. Yukon has had an awesome off-season, using Beast Sports as part of his regimen to compete as a Super Heavyweight in the NPC ranks. Judging by a first-class work ethic, an IFBB Pro Card may be right around the corner for Yumon. If you have watched on IG, Yumon has put up a number of outstanding workout clips, including a pair of recent shoulder workouts that include handling the 120-pound dumbbells for 10 reps on shoulder press, and 315 for multiple reps on the Smith Machine Military Press. But Yumon has also put in ample time on adding size to his lower body, as evidenced by the leg press video below. The new Beast Mode Black pre-workout is a definite go-to for Yumon, but he is also a big fan of the BCAA 5:1:4 capsules, Creature and Beast Protein. If you’re having trouble getting motivated for leg day, a quick view of this video - or any on Yumon’s page - should quickly change that! Embed:
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