Tabitha's Butt And Leg Blaster Workout

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Tabitha's Butt And Leg Blaster Workout: My leg workouts used to be very simple consisting of a few intense heavy exercises. The leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, smith machine squats (not heavy due to a neck and knee injury) and Romanian deadlifts. These were my basics for a while, and I would throw in a few other exercises here and there, but no big changes. I started to get really bored though and due to my injuries couldn't go as heavy as I used to. My goals changed from focusing on how heavy I could go, to hitting and sculpting the muscles in a new and fun way. Thanks to social media I was inspired by all the fitness pages, and friends I follow, and started experimenting with new exercises or exercises I hadn't done in a long time. In about 6 months of switching things up and changing my focus, I came up with this awesome routine that sculpts and builds the glutes, hams, quads and calves. I promise you will be very sore after this workout and you will be happy with the results! [caption id="attachment_4674" align="alignright" width="300"]Tabitha' Butt and Leg Blaster Workout Tabitha' Butt and Leg Blaster Workout[/caption] Tabitha's Butt and Leg Blaster Workout:
  • Leg ext 4x12
  • Split squat 4x12 each leg
  • Smith machine step ups 4x12 each leg
  • Summo deadlift with barbell 4x12
  • Walking lunges 4x20 15-25lb dumbbells ea hand (at the bottom of each lunge pulse for 3 reps)
  • Leg press single leg 3x12 each leg
  • Single leg side lunge holding 25lb plate 4x10
  • Smith machine squats, feet far in front as to focus on the glutes more, push through heels
  • Abductor/ adductor machine (inner/outer) 4 x12
  • Butt blaster or kickback of some kind - either machine or cable
  • Standing leg curl (if you don't have one available use the leg extension machine, stand facing the seat and curl heel up towards your glutes) 3x 15
  • Good mornings with barbell on back, feet in wide stance. 4x15
  • Seated calf press 4x15
  • 3x10 jump squats between each exercise
Finish With:
  • Walking lunges on treadmill
  • 15-1 min rounds I min rest in between
  • Incline 5.0 speed 1.4-1.6
Happy Training!