Short on Time is NOT an Excuse

Posted by Danny Quach on

“I don’t have time to get in a good workout” … I can not stand when I hear that! ANY movement is better than NO movement! Find ways to challenge yourself. Don’t get me wrong; gut grinding, long, heavy sessions in the gym may be one of my favorite things, but with life, you can’t always get what you want. Just because you don’t have your optimal 45-60 minutes in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a good, full body workout. Circuits are a GREAT way to do this. Below is a video of something I did because I had clients lined up hour after hour.  So, I got to work early and ran through this circuit 4-5 times with short rest time. It took me 10-15 minutes not including a short cool down on the inclined treadmill and I was feeling good, but wiped!   Exercises:
  • 10 “double-unders” with the jump rope
    • To modify this, do it for time, or if you don’t have a jump rope, just do tuck jumps
  • 10 modified “Turkish Get-Ups” with 25lb plate
    • The idea is simple: work your shoulders, core, and legs. Arms are locked out with the plate in front of you as you get up without your hands, utilizing your core and your legs. Sounds simple, but very challenging!
  • 10 plyometric pushups
    • If you don’t have steps, just put a clap in between your push ups!
  • 8 body weight 1 legged squats (4 each leg)
    • I can squat 400+ lbs for reps but these are pretty challenging! Try to hit parallel, hips still sitting back and chest up. This will benefit your balance as well as work your quads and the stabilizers in your knee.
  These are just 4 exercises I through together, making the weight time minimal in between.  The idea is to get the heart rate up while challenging the whole body.  I hope these exercises get things flowing and will help you kick the “I don’t have time” excuse to the curb! Any particular favorite circuit or did you try this one out? Send me a tweet and let me know!: @DANIMAL_Beast Danny Quach is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he majored in Health Promotion and Behavior.  He’s a powerlifter at heart and has done it for over six years.  He just competed in his first bodybuilding show in Summer of 2011.  For powerlifting, he holds some Georgia records.  In his first bodybuilding competition, he placed 2nd in Novice in INBF Southern States.  His favorite past-time? Throwing girls around and catching them.