Setting Your Resolutions for 2013

Posted by Jack Burdick on

It’s that time of year again. For most, the new year is a time of reflection and goal setting.  In my opinion, setting goals are very important.  These goals don’t have to be fitness related either, sure, I may be biased and feel fitness goals “should” be a part of your goals, and if they aren’t, that’s ok too.  Regardless, I want to give some insight as to how I set my resolutions, and I hope my advice is helpful for you and setting your resolutions for 2013. My first bit of advice may be a surprise to you.  I feel as though all my life I’ve been instructed to set “attainable goals”.  But I encourage you to rethink this logic.  I encourage you to set goals that will test you both mentally and physically.  Unrealistic goals are ok!  I feel like everyone is so wound up in making sure they can put a check mark next to their goal that they often don’t reach their full potential. Not many people will say this, and it may be unconventional, but I’m telling you right now that it’s ok if you don’t meet your goals.  It happens and in my opinion if you don’t reach your goal that only means that you are truly testing yourself.  Not many people want to hear this, but failure is apart of life, and setting a goal that you can meet just because you’re afraid of failure is absurd to me.  I fail to meet my goals all the time.  But that is what drives my desire to be better, and as a result I try even harder the next time around.  Set your goals high and don’t let the fear of failure sway your goal setting. I’m a very goal oriented person.  Which can be a great thing, but it is also my greatest weakness.  Although I am very productive, I personally have a tough time relaxing.  I get so wrapped up on meeting and exceeding my own expectations for myself that often I tend to be unable to enjoy the little things.  This is something I am personally working on, but in the mean time, I hope that some knowledge can be gained from my experience. I personally want to hear about your goals, tweet me at @TeamBurdick and @BeastSports, I’d be happy to answer any questions or help out where I can.  For me personally, I’ve set some pretty lengthy goals for the next year, but with a little determination, I think they’re attainable.  Fitness-wise, I’m going to attempt to tip the scales at 180lbs, run two miles under 12minutes, and complete an ultra marathon.  I’m not sure which races I’ll be running, as I’m still awaiting the results of the Western States 100 lottery.  I am hoping to be fortunate enough to be drawn for this race, but the odds are not very favorable (I only have about a 10% chance of being drawn).  Otherwise, if I don’t get in, I will be running a 50mi again.