Sacrifices, Decisions and Worth- Don't Stop Reaching for Your Goals

Posted by Vincent Russo on

 width=No matter what the world around you says to you, it’s the words inside your head that matters the most. So as you sit there starring spaciously at the wall, as your eyes don’t move as you shovel bland chicken and raw broccoli into your mouth, and with each chew, you think about everything you do and don’t do to build the body you desire. Sacrificing time with your friends because you need to wake up and do your 5:30am fasted cardio, sacrificing going out to eat with you families/loved ones because you need to stay on point with your diet, sacrificing the party life because you know it will only put you steps back from reaching your goals, sacrificing urges and temptations because there is no room for weakness. Becoming irritated at the people around you only because you’re drained and carb depleted. Snapping at things you would normally just laugh at because you have a set schedule and need not to be bothered, becoming frustrated with the person you see in the mirror because results become stagnant. Why put yourself through this pain and aggravation? Why give up good times only to put your body through pain? The reason lies within your will power to do so. Life is full of contradictions, if you want wealth, create value. If you want to fly, fall down often. If you want to be a winner, savor lessons from loss. Because everything you do in life defines who you are as a person, because you rather stand out and live outside of the box where people admire your desire and will, then sit inside the box, enclosed by surrounding walls that prevent you from reaching your goals. You are not born to fit in, you are born to stand out, not to get a long and go along, but to hold your own values and stand strong. You are born to rise up and stand up! The world you see outside of you will always be a reflection of what you have inside of you, so every time you open your eyes, see hope and opportunity. Make every decision that you decide to make in your life count towards accomplishing your goals. All life is are moments of choice, to where you can accept conditions as they are, or take responsibility for changing them. So when faced with adversity, and when times become so hard that you feel you can’t push any more, just know this: Life will grind you down; there will be days where courage will be defined on just getting out of the bed in the morning willing your heart to beat. The critics in your life will mount especially if you’re doing something, but learn to hug the haters as they are gifts to you as well. There will be times where circumstances will become so savage that you are tempted to indulge in despair. Choose to confront the ugly truth of the unfinished business and your soul will ache and quake and you will wonder why, why, why, and feel small. In the mist of the anguish, never stop, give up, or allow the world to undermine your truth. Never ever give up, you’re born for a purpose, don’t let the world cave in upon you and stand tall! No matter how dark the night, show your light, no matter how deep the troth climb, climb, and climb. Reach for your goals, and when you think you can’t reach any higher, reach deep down inside of you, find that Beast waiting to be unleashed, and grab those few extra inches!
Vincent Russo, 25 years old from Kenilworth NJ. Has a BA in Biology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison NJ. A Team Athlete, Silver Model, High School Football Coach, Substitute Teacher, Waiter/bartender. Was a top 5 finalist out of 500 guys for‘s 2012 BodySpace Spokes Model.  Compete in the Men’s Physique category where in recent competitions placed 2nd in NPC East Coasts (Nov. 2011), and 3rd in‘s BodySpace Spokes model competition (LA Fit Expo 2012).