Picking A Gym

Picking A Gym - Beast Sports Nutrition

When picking a gym, a lot of research, trial and feedback goes into making a selection. To me it's like test driving a car and looking for every indication that you should go ahead and sign up. A lot of times we often hear the debate about what type of gym is better, the "old school - dungeon” gyms of the glory days, or the modern "new school - consumer friendly” gyms of the present. The fact is, either type of facility will help in your progress towards your goals.

If you are like me you can appreciate the sound of weights being slapped on the bar and the blaring music that plays throughout the gym as if it were a battle cry for everyone there to go harder. There's something about walking into a Bev Francis Powerhouse or MetroFlex in Dallas and being electrified by the surroundings. The equipment is older and the weights look like they've been through war, but when you hear fellow members grunting and slamming 180 lb dumbbells, you know you've made the right decision to walk through those doors. These gyms present more than just nostalgic memories of icons sharing workouts, they are a safe haven for people who are "no frills" and don't care about anything but moving the iron. They’re a place where you are often greeted on a first name basis amongst a tight-knit community of common-minded people.

Now I know what some of you might be saying to yourself, this doesn't sound like a place for me. Or you may be thinking of taking your training to another level with the versatility that "new school" gyms offer. They give you a place that is comparable to Disney World, with tons of attractions and equipment for everyone. Cutting-edge machines designed to challenge your physique and various classes that offer you structure and assist in implementing workout routines. Amenities that fit in line with people who need flexibility when training for their goals. The many options presented open the gates for diversity among members. From the yoga enthusiast, to basketball players and swimmers, these gyms cover all bases.

Regardless of the type of gym you belong to you still have to put the hard work and commitment a constant routinely into play. A brand new key tag will not grant you instant results and fix your problems. Planning to workout 3-4 days per week and focusing on sound nutrition will work whether you are a "new school" or "old school" fan. Let's face it, a majority of us select a gym that is reflective of our lifestyles, habits and goals, and I can personally say there isn't a wrong choice when selecting a gym. So if the weights fit, just lift.