Mile Wide Shoulders Workout

Posted by Brandan Fokken on

Let Brandan Fokken give you the training tips you need to get wide, full and strong shoulders, with all the tips to keep you from getting injured, in his Mile Wide Shoulders Workout. The human body isn't stubborn. It's obedient. It does what you tell it to. It changes when you want it to. With the right tools, you can build the body you want. by Brandan Fokken Last updated: Growing up, I wanted to be big and strong. My weight training reflected that. As I got older, I developed a lot of injuries. I tore my capsules in my shoulder. I developed "weightlifter's shoulder," among other things. So instead of training harder, I learned to train smarter. Now, I change the number of repetitions I do. I change my weights. I started training a lot of different angles to target the circular nature of my shoulders. My results improved and I became less injury-prone. I used what I learned to build the workout below. It includes seven exercises that work together to help develop overall shoulder strength. I recommend doing it once per week. Don't be afraid to change variations of exercises from dumbbells to machines to cables. Keep your body guessing.