Keeping Your Resolutions

Posted by Jack Burdick on

You’ve set your goals, you’re excited about them, but at the same time you’re worried you won’t be able to keep them.  Don’t worry though you’re not alone, this happens to everyone.  I want to pass on some advice I have on keeping your resolutions, and how to keep yourself true to your goals and on track to meet them. First of all, you have to understand that my goal setting process is not set in stone; it’s more of a dynamic process. I set goals yearly, monthly, daily, and even hourly.  I’ll set a couple main goals that are difficult/almost out of reach to attain, but then I’ll have dozens to hundreds of little goals leading up to that main goal.  And these little goals are constantly changing; I’m always meeting/revising/discarding goals. It’s these little goals, though, that help keep me on track towards the main goal.  If I were to have just that one seemingly unattainable goal, it could be discouraging and I could feel as if I am never going to reach it.  But if I set and meet all these little goals leading up to the main goal, all of a sudden the main goal seems a lot less intimidating. Another strategy you can use to help meet your goals is to use a support system.  Partner up, share your goals with someone else, and encourage each other to meet these goals.  Having someone else to keep you accountable can be really helpful and beneficial. Don’t let your goals intimidate you, set little goals along the way and use a support system of some sort if possible. Attaining goals can be a long process, but it is worth the reward.  Best of luck, and keep us, @BeastSports and @TeamBurdick, updated as to how your goals are coming.