Keep Your Cardio Fun!


Hi friends, Team Beast athlete Christina Blair here with some tips to make cardio “not so boring." As a competitor, I do a lot of cardio during prep. I’ve been asked many times what keeps it interesting for me and how I don’t end up dreading it by the end. To do that, I've come up with a few ways to keep it interesting, and I'm sharing  width= those with you!
My number one tip would be to ALWAYS have an idea of what you’re doing before you get there. Planning ahead takes the guesswork out of things and that preparation is key.
My second tip would be to incorporate interval training into your cardio. Not only is it going to help you burn fat faster and in a shorter amount of time, BUT I personally feel like it makes it more enjoyable because it’s challenging. My favorite type of equipment would definitely have to be the stairstepper. So for me I’ll do interval training on the stair-stepper. With interval training, this looks like one minute as fast as the Stairstepper will go, then 30 seconds at about a level 10. I’ll repeat that for a cycle of 10 to 15 minutes.
One last tip to keep things entertaining would be to find yourself a track and to get outside. Cardio is way more enjoyable when you can get some sun and fresh air! The next time you're dreading cardio, use one of these three tips and get things back on track. Go in with a plan, use a variety of different equipment and make sure to get outside, especially this time of year.
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