How Juan "Diesel" Morel Uses Beast Supplements To Maximize His Workouts

How Juan "Diesel" Morel Uses Beast Supplements To Maximize His Workouts - Beast Sports Nutrition

When you hit the gym, you want to get the most out of your workout. That’s a given and that’s why you invest in a pre-workout, intra-workout and more. But what’s the best way to use all of it to ensure your workout is the best it can be? Well, there’s no perfect answer, but we at Beast Sports can at least give you an ideal way to maximize your results and your pre- and intra-workout stack, with a little help from IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Juan "Diesel" Morel. The Diesel is currently using three Beast Sports products around this window - Beast Mode Black, Creature and Aminolytes - and it’s served him well, even during the middle of his competitive season. Morel just competed in two Arnold Classic shows, finishing second in Brazil, and will be stepping on stage to defend his New York Pro title in a month, meaning staying lean is imperative. But Morel continues to push hard in the gym, adding strength and size even while staying lean. There’s a multitude of factors, including sticking to a diet that’s obviously served him well, but his pre-workout and intra-workout stack has also been beneficial. So how does he set it all up? Actually, it’s pretty simple and it’s a great way for all lifters - male and female - to utilize a similar stack. For pre-workout, Morel combines Creature and Beast Mode Black. Since Beast Mode Black contains no creatine, adding Creature, which contains four grams of creatine from five different complexes, turns an extreme pre-workout into a supercharged extreme pre-workout. Morel opts for the capsule version of Creature to go with his Beast Mode Black, but you can just as easily throw in a scoop of Creature to your BMB as well. This combo allows for incredible energy, massive pumps and optimizes strength and muscle growth. For intra-workout, Morel turns to Aminolytes, sipping on 1-2 scoops throughout his workout. Utilizing intra-workout supplementation has become popular in recent years, and Aminolytes covers all the necessary bases. With 10 grams of total amino acids, including five grams of BCAAs, and added electrolytes, Aminolytes increases muscle endurance, allowing you to push harder and train longer at a high level. The amino acids also aid in recovery, making Aminolytes a must in your supplement plan. Taking during your workout allows you to fully reap the benefits as well. Immediately post-workout, Morel will take another serving of Creature to help with repair and accelerate recovery. With the Aminolytes already in his system, Morel is already promoting muscle growth and recovery, covering all his bases after an intense workout. From there, it’s off to plenty of food and protein, including Beast Protein, but it’s clear Morel has his pre-workout and intra-workout supplementation on point, all with the simple use of three Beast Sports supplements.   Beast Sports Pre-Workout/Intra-Workout/Post-Workout Stack   Pre-Workout: - 1 scoop Beast Mode Black - 1 serving (capsules or powder) Creature   Intra-Workout - 1-2 scoops Aminolytes   Immediately Post-Workout - 1 serving (capsules or powder) Creature