Journey to Fitness

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I have been an athlete ever since I can remember.  Granted, I've had ups and downs, times where I dominated and other times where I've chosen not to even participate out of pure and sheer laziness.  But I'm changing that around. There is a big trend going on right now.  And the trend is: women are doing more.  Some of us are students, breadwinners or homemakers, but what I'm seeing more and more of is, women competing more.  I love it.  For example, did you know that in this year's Boston Marathon, out of the 26,907 runners that ran the race, 11,462 were women? That's almost half! And the numbers have grown steadily since 2005 which means at one point the numbers will continue to close in on the gender gap. With that said, there is a product out there that is not only good for men, it is great for us women: Amphetalean. Background: I am not a bodybuilder. I am a working mom and wife.  As most women in my position, I find it hard to find time to exercise and balance work, family, and fitness- and for the most part, fitness is the one thing that can get pushed aside the easiest.  Which means, whenever I do exercise, I need the maximum amount of output and whatever help I can get to burn extra fat and calories while not getting all crazy-jittery.  I currently play in a women's doubles tennis league and am making a comeback to the gym. Intake: I've been taking one pill each morning with breakfast and one around 1pm.  During practice and game days, I make sure I take it and combine it with Beast Mode. Purpose: Amphetalean is made to help you burn fat, increase daily energy, control appetite, enhance focus and clarity.  During these heat filled months, playing tennis outdoors from 10am until 1pm has been incredibly difficult.  Not only am I fighting the heat, I'm fighting keeping hydrated, exhaustion and add to that my need to focus on my game. Test: I've been taking Amphetalean now for two weeks and I must say the last two games I've played, I've had a completely different feeling.  A better feeling and look better than the rest when we are done playing.  Let me explain: I live in Florida.  It is HOT.  Playing outside is an absolute test of stamina and will because yeah, the pros get paid for it, but we do it for 'fun'.  Last month I would die out quickly during a game. I would lose focus and concentration (because I would think 'how much longer do I have here, it's too darn hot!') and just lose all energy to the point that I had to go home and lie down for a while after a game because of sheer exhaustion. These last two weeks have been a completely different game.  My energy is there and it stays 'on'. While others are fading, I'm staying quick on my feet and able to reach better than I have in months.  I have energy but I'm not bouncing off the walls like I have felt with other products.  No palpitations, no 'shakes', just simply alert.   I'm focused and can stay in the game better than I have in a while....and? I have lost 3lbs in the last two weeks. YAY ME! Stay with me on this journey I am on; my journey to fitness.  For me, for my daughter, for my family.  I want to feel strong and look strong. I would love to hear from you- whether it's feedback, commiseration or workout advice!  Let's do this together!  Just stop in and say hi and tell me your story if you want. Until the next one. Jane Beast Sports Girl  width=By day, Jane is usually playing tennis, working and a newbie to the world of weights.  By night, she lives and breathes twitter, facebook and writing (if in fact she can actually lift her arms up to her keyboard from all the arm work from the day before).  She also spends a lot of time near a swimming pool and being taxi driver to a swarm of pre-teen girls.  She has a weakness for cupcakes an Diet Coke (not together though) but is changing that to broccoli and water. You can find her on twitter at @BeastSportsGirl, on Facebook at or by email at