How to Attain a Bigger, Stronger Chest

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This is what a solid Chest Day looks like for me, this was from my last chest workout last week. Sometimes in my workout rotation I compound muscle groups together. Such as Chest and Tri’s To focus on both pushing muscles, or if I want to give my Chest or Triceps a little more attention to detail themselves I will take one of the push muscles out of the movement which allows for me overload on the other muscle group, and in turn I will do opposite re-action muscle groups such as Chest and Bi’s(push and pull muscles). I don’t always do two muscle groups a day either, sometimes in my rotation I will focus on high volume chest only. It all depends on how my body is feeling at the time, you need to remember to always listen to your body and how it feels: Chest day: 135 25x 225 12x 255 10x 275 8x 315 6-8x 275 6x 255 8x 225 10x 135 Burnout/Rep to failure Incline Dumbbell Press 75  15x 90 12x 100 10x 110 8x 120 6x 40 Burnout/Rep to Failure Cable Fly’s 12x 12x 12x With pushups Flat barbell bench press 135 25x 135 15x 225 12-15x 255 10-12x 275 8-10x to failure in between sets Dips 3 sets until failure each time      width=Michael is a 22 year old NPC Men's Physique Competitor. He earned his IFBB Pro card at Nationals Nov 19 2011. He has also earned 3 nationally accredited personal training certifications and has managed several personal training companies up and down the East coast helping thousands of people reach their fitness goals. His ultimate goal is to inspire and help anyone that he can to reach their maximum fitness potential!