Gym Etiquette Part II

Posted by Brandan Fokken on

This gym etiquette part II is a follow-up to an article published on March 25,2015 and can be read here: Clean Up Your Sweat: This is something that is just plain wrong. Who in their right mind would ever want to sit in, or clean up a strangers sweat? I know I don’t. It’s disgusting and something you should never do, yet it happens all the time. If I came over to your house after a run outside, sat down on your couch and got sweat all over it and didn’t clean it up, how would that make you feel? I’m sure you wouldn’t be very happy along with every other sensible person out there. So take the time and clean up after yourself. Others will thank you, and you won’t be viewed as the sweaty jerk that doesn’t clean up after themselves in the gym. Cardio or Bull Riding: People will tell you all day long how hard and intense their cardio regimen is. The truth is they put the incline up as high as the can get it, and then hold on for dear life as if they about to get bucked off the machine. This is cardio, not bull riding. These people throw their back out of alignment, stress their shoulders and the rest of their body, and really don’t get much of a cardio workout. Set your parameters in the realm of what you are actually capable of doing. You won’t look ridiculous while doing your cardio, and you will actually benefit your body. Don’t Be The Tough Crowd: Everyone is at a different level in the gym. You have beginners all the way to experts in the gym at any given time, but you are all trying to do the same thing- better yourselves. So many times someone will walk around like a tough guy, and try to get the attention of everyone else. They will stare people down, and make people feel uncomfortable in a place where they belong just as much as anyone else. It’s even worse when this is done as a group. You give serious lifters a bad name and make yourself look like a jerk. You belittle others, take away their confidence, and make a place that should be a sanctuary, a very uncomfortable place. Treat everyone with respect, as you were once where they were. This will offer a better gym experience for everyone. Leave The Phone In The Locker Room: Save the cell phone conversations and marathon text sessions for outside the gym. Most people see the gym as a chance to tune out from telephones, work, etc. You will take upwards of three times longer on equipment if you’re playing on your phone. This will annoy people, delay them from finishing their workout, and will keep the person using the phone from having a productive workout themselves. If you need your phone for an emergency that’s understandable, but nobody wants to hear about your weekend plans, what you’re having for dinner or how much you love your significant other while they are doing cardio next to you. To make matters worse, some people like to have a photo shoot while they workout. I couldn’t agree more with keeping a photographic record of your progress, but this can be done at home. Be courteous of others in the gym and keep phone usage to a minimum. Noise Makers: No matter what rep he's on, or what weight this guy is using, they feel the need to share their pain with everyone else in the gym. This is a major distraction for everyone in the gym. Some people go to the gym to relax after a long day, some go to better themselves, some just want some peace and quiet and a get away from a hectic home life filled with the noise of children, neighbors, pets and whatever else. The constant noise maker takes this away from everyone, and puts all the focus on them. They distract others from their own workout, and could quite literally cause someone to injure themselves due to causing a lack of focus. A certain amount of noise is understandable, and even expected on certain movements, but nobody wants to hear you yell through 4 sets of arm curls. So keep the yelling and grunting to a minimum. Let’s Do This Together: You will see two guys working out together to lift the same weight. This is almost always on the bench, ez bar curl, or squat rack. The lifter will load up the bar as heavy as he can, and when he starts he may get one maybe two reps, but the training partner will help them through another eight or so reps. After the workout if you were to ask the lifter what their max lifts are, they will tell you a number far above what they can actually do. This method does not only hinder your progress, but it just plain makes you look like a rookie in the gym, and nobody is going to take you seriously. Take the time it takes to work yourself up to the weights you want to use. Set goals and in time you will get there. Bonus: If you want to end all chances of a relationship with a girl in the gym, bother her while she’s working out and you will do just that. The girls at the gym are there for a workout. It’s not a dating service. In most cases they don’t want to be bothered, and don’t appreciate your advances while they are working out. Leave the dating to other social outlet. If you just can’t help yourself, take the time to get to know them slowly. If you show some respect and give it time, something may evolve from it, but if you harass her and don’t give her the space and respect to do what she’s there to do, nothing will come of it- don’t be THAT guy.