Develop Smart Goals In 2015

Develop Smart Goals In 2015 - Beast Sports Nutrition

Everyone should have a goal for the New Year, it's a fresh start to a new chapter. Your goal may be fitness related, or it may not be… either way it should be Smart. S.M.A.R.T stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-oriented. Here are some tips to help you develop smart goals in 2015. Specific: Is your goal detailed enough? Bad example: “I want to get fit” -vs- Good example: “I want to train for a half-marathon.” Measureable: Can your goal be measured by time, inches, pounds etc? Bad example: “I want to train for a half marathon” -vs- Good example: “I want to train for and finish a half marathon in under 2 hours.” Attainable: Is your goal something that happen? For example: Someone with a medical condition may not be advised to complete a half marathon. Realistic: Are you being realistic with yourself? Your goal for 2015 is for you and only you. You don’t need to try to prove anything to anyone else. This is a personal goal. It may be more realistic to complete the half marathon in under 3 hours, rather than two, and that is perfectly fine. Your goal for 2016 can be based on your accomplishments in 2015. Time-Oriented: Do you have a time-frame for your goal? Example: “I want to train for and finish a half marathon in under 2 hours by October 2015.” Go ahead… develop a S.M.A.R.T goal for yourself. If your goal follows these guidelines, you are significantly more inclined to being able to reach it. The next best advice I can give is to document progress. Keep a journal, write what progress you have made thus far, whether it has to do with fitness, your business, your family, your mindfulness... Whatever your goal may be, it is obviously important to you, so write about it, log your journey and keep your resolution alive this year.