Dare To Dream

Posted by Brandan Fokken on

Dare to dream... It is amazing what we see when we are children. We see all the great things life has to offer. Our minds are open and limitless to any possibility, and rather than say I can’t or I won’t - those limits haven’t been set yet so they don’t exist. The imagination is what tells us what we can and cannot be or what we can become, and that is limitless. So with that... what happens to us as adults? We let our dreams fade away. Being like the people we looked up to as children isn’t important anymore. We eat bad, develop bad habits, we get lazy, hang around unproductive people, and most of all our imaginations stop working and we are left to deal with the real world and all the negative influences that surrounds us. We stop thinking outside the box and only about what is closest to us and what’s WRONG with our lives. I’m not saying this pertains to everyone, but to a lot of people it does, myself included. I’ve let dreams go, passed up on opportunities, became so absorbed in life’s pitfalls I quit living the life that I always wanted. I took what I was given and accepted it. As children we wanted to be a "Hero" like the people we looked up to. A fireman, policeman, doctor, Dad/Mom, but for most boys it was a super hero. I didn’t just want to be like Superman, I wanted to be Superman. My grandma made me capes when I was little in every color you can imagine. I pretty much wore them around the house all day every day, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t fly?!? I wanted to be big and strong for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be brave, looked up to, do good for people, and in the time of need help whomever I could. I wanted to eat right, take my vitamins, and pray like Hulk Hogan told me to do. I wanted to do good things for others and say please and thank you. I saw the world as a huge place with unlimited possibilities. I saw the good in everything and everyone and wanted to be better at everything that I did. I set goals and did all that my little body and imagination could to achieve them. I went through a period where I flexed in every picture that I took from age 6-8 to the point that people started holding my arms down before every shot. I didn’t care though. I was a force to be reckoned with and I wasn’t afraid to show it off. I believed that I was strong and wouldn’t accept any other alternative. The innocence of a child can teach us a lot, so pay attention. Remember the things you wanted when you were young, who or what you wanted to be like or what you wanted others to see in you. The only person that can tell you that you can’t is you... and I don’t know any kid that will truly listen when they are told they aren’t capable of doing something. This is a trait we develop later in life. The things you find to be ordinary about yourself is what makes you a hero to others, so remember some little kid out there might be looking up to you and wishing that someday they can be "big and strong" just like YOU.