College Fitness Tips

[caption id="attachment_3762" align="alignleft" width="225"]1978726_10153840415845072_952544772_n Team Beast - Elite: Brandan Fokken / @BrandanFokken[/caption] College Fitness Tips: You don't need an unlimited meal plan or a complicated gym to stay lean and strong at college. Pack your resistance band and master the fundamentals of nutrition, and there'll be no stopping you! College is complicated. Academics, relationships, finances, parking—all of a sudden, nothing in life is as simple as it was just a few short months ago. So why make fitness any more of a battle than it has to be? Consider the next few months your training period. If you can stay lean and healthy while everyone around you is slipping into flabby, stressed-out chaos, you'll be able to do it any time in your life. All you need is a resistance band and a plan. can get you the band, and Beast Nutrition athletes Katie Chung Hua and Sean Sarantos have your plan! Read more.....     [caption id="attachment_3390" align="alignleft" width="224"]B-P-012841_lr_rt-w1200 Team Beast - Elite: Sean Sarantos / @Sean_Sarantos[/caption] It's possible to eat well and fuel muscle growth even as a college student. Follow these 7 simple steps to supercharge your gains. The fall season marks the start of the school season. Alas, if you're a student, your days of sleeping till noon and lounging around in your PJs are sadly behind you—at least for a while. Being in school unfortunately also means that your funds could be tight, which can impact your fitness progress. Unless you have a plan, of course. Never fear! It's possible to beast your nutritional needs without a beast of a bank account. If you look ahead and plan things right, as per the following tips, your progress and results will truck along just fine. Read more.....       [caption id="attachment_3400" align="alignleft" width="224"] width= Team Beast - Elite: Katie Chung Hua / @katiechunghua[/caption] No space for a workout? No problem. Katie Chung Hua shows you how to get a killer training session in the confines of your dorm room! Some people tell me I lift like a girl. I treat that as a high compliment! I grew up playing hockey and have been playing with iron for the last 10 years, but building lean and sexy muscle doesn't always require a gym. Even if you're stuck in a tiny college dorm room, you can get in a great workout. I've designed two workouts—one upper-body and one lower-body—for those who have small, tight spaces to work with. The only real piece of gym equipment you need is a resistance band. If you don't have that, there are still alternatives! Don't let not having a gym membership keep you from your goals. Read more.....