Building A Super Chest

Building A Super Chest

Building a super chest is probably my favorite part about training. There’s nothing like the pump you get from chest day. It’s almost like “hey look at me” as I was around the gym. I normally split my chest workouts into 2 days a week and target both compound and isolation movements to give me that desired tape measure busting look. Compound exercises allow me to go heavy while getting my triceps into gear. Incline BB or DB presses are my favorite to start off with because it allows me to attack the upper-pec area giving it a 3-D effect look. I normally go 75 -80% of my 1RM keeping my reps range between 8 and 10. Having a great training partner and spot allows me to really push myself to completion of my sets, which are usually between 3 and 4. I add in wide-hammer strength presses and close-grip DB presses, allowing me to work my pecs from the outside in. When it comes to building that “crease,” you know... that ripple effect, it’s all about isolation. The most important part of any rep is contraction. Squeezing your pecs at the top of the rep allows for greater blood flow and a pump that will fill out any shirt. Incline, decline, and flat bench cable crossovers are the way I go when it comes to day 2 of training chest. Hitting every angle on crossovers is essential for me because it allows for the chest to develop into a well-rounded muscle. I keep my reps between 15 and 20, really focusing on slow-tempo, as to maximize each rep. In between sets I throw in supersets of functional movements. Spiderman pushups, sidewalk pushups and assisted weighted pushups are great to use and go to failure with. For me there’s nothing like walking around as if you have an "S" on your chest. These exercises allow me to feel like “The Man of Steel” even without a cape.

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