Big Back Super Set

Posted by Danny Quach on

Crunched on time? Utilize this super set to hit back THICKNESS and WIDTH -- you'll have a big back in no time. In this super set, I’m focusing on my back. Sometimes I choose to do this because my legs are sore so I’m not feeling up to the game for full deadlifts. The first exercise is a rack deadlift.  In the video above, you can see that I’m standing on a platform.  This is to increase the range of motion a little bit because the rack itself was too high.  The rack deadlift takes the pulling motion of a deadlift and emphasizes it to isolate the lower back more because it takes out the first part of the deadlift off the ground. A good tip to gauge if the bar is in the right starting place is to keep it about mid-to-high shin.  Remember to drive through with your hips and keep that lower back and erectors tight, making sure that the muscles that are being targeted are being fired throughout the movement. The second movement I utilize in this super set is the wide grip pull up.  I weight it a bit just to progress the exercise.  I’m focusing a lot on really squeezing my back and making my lats do all the work—that’s why it seems like I’m cutting off the range of motion at the top of the movement because I’m not necessarily doing it for the bicep pump. These are two staples in my regular day back workout, but super setting them with a lighter weight with more volume is always a good move especially if I’m cut short on time. Try it out and if you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a tweet: @DANIMAL_Beast   Danny Quach is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he majored in Health Promotion and Behavior.  He’s a powerlifter at heart and has done it for over six years.  He just competed in his first bodybuilding show in Summer of 2011.  For powerlifting, he holds some Georgia records.  In his first bodybuilding competition, he placed 2nd in Novice in INBF Southern States.  His favorite past-time? Throwing girls around and catching them.