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[caption id="attachment_3810" align="alignleft" width="200"]Brandan Fokken is a Beast. Brandan Fokken is a Beast.[/caption] Brandan Fokken has been featured on and we couldn't be prouder. Here is an excerpt of his very wonderful interview: WHAT MISTAKES DID YOU MAKE AS A BEGINNER AND HOW DIFFICULT WAS IT TO BEGIN? BRANDAN FOKKEN: I have loved sports my entire life and always had aspirations of being big and strong. I had a really tough childhood and looked up to people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Superman. They were big and strong and nobody could hurt them. Coming from a rough background this was obviously attractive to me and I wanted to be like them was a naturally gifted athlete and participated in baseball, basketball, and football. I was that guy that even went all out in gym class. When it came to weight lifting, I just wasn’t good at it, so starting my freshman year of high school I really put in the time and effort to make myself better.

When I was younger all I wanted to do was lift as heavy as I could and be strong. I didn’t care about balance or longevity, and due to that suffered many injuries. Now that I am older I try to balance my workouts and lift far lighter, but with the same intensity as I did when I was younger. I believe you have to listen to your body and push it when you can, and hold back when it’s giving you signs of wear and tear.

Sure I train tired, and sore just like anyone else, but when I’m injured and know that I am I take some time off to recoup and take care of myself. In the past I would have tried to push through and would make things worse. You need to have balance and that is something I definitely try and have in my life today.

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