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Beast Products for Yumon Eaton - Beast Sports Nutrition

For NPC bodybuilder Yumon Eaton, getting the most out of his supplements is a must. With hopes of advancing to the IFBB ranks, Yumon puts a premium on each aspect of his success, whether it's diet, training or supplementation. Below is a rundown of a typical day of Beast Sports supplement use for Yumon. It takes plenty of food, hard training and dedication to get to his level, but use this as a guide to help with your own goals. Morning I begin my day with 2 servings of Beast Sports’ Fish Oil with my breakfast. Fish oil is very important for both maintaining and improving athletic performance. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for joint and heart health. Fish oil is a great addition to any supplem width=ent regimen supporting general health and well - being. Between Meals Between meals, I use Beast Sports’ BCAA 2:1:1 capsules. This way, I am in a continuous state of recovery and growth. By supplementing with BCAAs between meals, my body is never lacking nourishment. Before, During & Workouts My Preworkout regimen never changes. Before EVERY workout I consume 5 grams of Beast Sports’ glutamine and 5 grams of CREATURE. I sip on 2 servings of AMINOLYTES or BCAA 2:1:1 mixed with 1 serving of PRIMOCARB while I am training. Post training, I consume another 5 grams of Beast’s glutamine and 5 grams of CREATURE. Half an hour after that, I have two servings of BEAST PROTEIN mixed with water. Before Bed I take Beast Sports’ multi vitamin (BEAST PACKS) before bed every night. Multi vitamins are fantastic because they can help fill nutritional gaps in our diets. Beast Packs are one of the most comprehensive multi vitamins on the market! They are definitely my favorite Beast Sports product. I prefer to take them right before bed because our bodies recover the most while we are asleep. I like to aid in that recovery process by providing my body with nutrients it can utilize over the next 6 hours I spend sleeping. Summary I’m all about nutrient partitioning. My entire day is spent fueling my body with nutrients, which allows me to stay in a constant state of growth and recovery. I would not have the ability to maintain this type of lifestyle if it were not for Beast Sports Nutrition. Their high quality products allow me to train with the utmost intensity without worrying about my ability to refuel or recover. I thank Beast Sports for their continued support and belief in me. I am thankful for the privilege to be associated with such an amazing company.