Beast Log- Super Test- Lonnie

Posted by Connie K on

What a week!  This week I decided to start a new program instead of continuing onto weeks 9 and 10 of my current lifting schedule.  It's not being afraid to mix things up like this that can often produce results in the gym.  All too often we get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing week in and week out and as soon as we know it, we're no longer getting results. I've always really enjoyed leg workouts.  For some reason, this is an often neglected body part by many gym goers.  I'm not sure why.  The feeling you get from an intense leg workout would have to be the equivalent of a "runners high".  Heavy, deep squats get the testosterone going as well!  So, this week, I set out to follow the 20rep squat program from  It may come as odd, but what appealed about this was the following from the article: Squatting a heavy weight for 20 reps will not feel natural for your body. It will hurt. You will feel dizzy and light-headed. You will probably want to vomit. Go ahead. Your body may decide to completely shut down and leave you in the bottom of a squat, unable to rise." Perfect!  This is not a workout for the faint of heart.  I've always squatted with heavy weights and this seemed to fit the bill.  Adding the extra exercises to this program only makes it more intense.  At the end of 6 weeks of this program, I should be squatting 315 for 20 reps! So, I did the following workout three times this week with an arm/cardio day on Tuesday and cardio on Thursday: Monday:  Warmup on T-mill for 5min, then hit the squat rack!  Get right into it.  2 minutes rest between squat sets, 60 seconds between other sets. Barbell Squats: 45x10, 135x10, 225x20 Dumbbell Pullover: 50x20 Deadlift: 45x10, 185x15 Bench Press: 45x20, 135x10, 135x10 Dumbbell Pullover: 35x20 Barbell Bent Row: 95x15, 95x15, 95x15 Overhead Barbell Press: 65x12, 65x12, 65x12 Wednesday: Barbell Squats: 45x10, 135x10, 230x20 Dumbbell Pullover: 25x20 Deadlift: 45x10, 185x15 Bench Press: 45x20, 135x10, 185x10, 185x10 Dumbbell Pullover: 35x20 Barbell Bent Row: 95x15, 105x15, 105x15 Overhead Barbell Press: 65x12, 95x12, 95x12 Friday: Barbell Squats: 45x10, 135x10, 235x20 Dumbbell Pullover: 35x20 Deadlift: 135x5, 205x15 (PR set) Bench Press: 45x20, 135x10, 185x10, 185x13 (PR set) Dumbbell Pullover: 35x20 Barbell Bent Row: 95x15, 135x15 (PR set), 135x15 (PR set) Overhead Barbell Press: 65x12, 100x12, 100x12 This was no doubt an intense week.  Squatting heavy weight for 20 reps wasn't as easy as I thought it might be.  On Friday, I laid down some new PR sets - so I can def. tell my strength has gone up the last three weeks on SuperTest.  Looking forward to another 5 weeks of this program.  Leave me a comment with any questions, or if you need any details etc.  Thanks!    width=From 9-5, Lonnie sits in front of a computer.  Outside of being an IT Geek, he's an athlete who's familiar with the cycle of being fit-fat-fit that so many of us struggle with.  Down from his highest weight of 300lbs in June 2009, he's made the permanent lifestyle change to remain Big. Strong. Fit. Healthy.  When not spending time with his wife, son and daughter, he's at the gym keeping off the fat and adding quality lean mass.