Beast Chest Day

Beast Chest Day - Beast Sports Nutrition

When going into a chest day, some of those beginners out there might be swamped with the idea that it’s all about flat bench press ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Believe me, when I was first starting to lift weights I had the same mindset, and assumed that how much you could bench was the status symbol for how much of a beast you were in the weight room. As we get older and wiser (I hope) we start to realize there is more to workouts than just chest days, and there’s more to a Beast Chest Day than just a flat bench press. In order to get the best results, strength, and aesthetics for your chest, you have to understand how it’s built and what you have to perform in order to get those nice, full, well-round pectorals you’ve been striving for. Your Chest is made up of two muscles that work together to make the chest function. They are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, the minor being right below the major, and both basically making up the portion of your clavicle and inserts at the sternum and armpit area. Now that you know that the chest isn’t just one big slab of muscle, you now realize it needs to be trained differently. Ideally you want to train the chest as is if it were broken into 3 different parts. The upper, middle, and lower, and each one can be worked simply by changing the angles by which you perform exercises. Examples of Exercises That Hit Each of The Three Parts:
  1. Upper Chest - Incline Bench Press
  2. Middle Chest - Flat Bench Press
  3. Lower Chest - Decline Bench Press
Below is a chest workout for you all to try, which should give you a great all-around workout of your chest. Each portion is being hit so it’s up to you to make sure you take advantage of the moment and make each rep count! Now go out there and build up those walnut cracking pecs! Incline Press (Hammer Strength) 3-4 sets x 8-10reps: When using Hammer Strength Machines, take the opportunity to really focus on that chest contraction. Also be sure not to let the weight slam when you bring it back down to the starting position. Wide Chest Press (Hammer Strength) 3-4 sets x 8-10reps: Do your best to not allow the weight to slam or rest when bringing it back to starting position each rep. Incline Dumbbell Flyes 3-4sets x 15reps: Make sure to have a SLIGHT bend in the elbows when performing the flyes, but not too much that you end up using triceps more than chest. Cable Flyes High/Lo 3-4sets x 15-30 reps: Transition to high and lo every other rep, nice and smooth, without forced movement that makes your body sway or jerk.