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I can’t tell you how many people I encounter on a weekly basis who tell me they don’t exercise because (fill in the blank). I just stand there dumbfounded as it appears these individuals actually wholeheartedly believe the words that are coming out of their mouth. Yet, all I hear is “blah blah blah.” One excuse after the next. They’ve lied to themselves for so long that it’s actually their reality. Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. What they fail to realize is that I can see through the BS and the reason they don’t exercise is just an excuse. It’s laziness. Complacency. Now, what we need to do is find a solution that people will get on board with.

Below you will find several reasons people say they don’t exercise along with a solution and the truth. If you, yourself, need a kick in the butt, this article is for you. If you know someone else who could use a kick in the butt, share this article with them.

Excuse #1: I don’t have time

Let’s be real for a minute. If you say you don’t have time but you’re at home watching Game of Thrones, can you really use that as an excuse? Winter may be coming, but so could illness if you don’t start focusing on your health. You saying you don’t have time is truly one of the biggest lies I hear people say when they mention they don’t exercise.

If your health was a priority, you’d make time for it – just like watching television every night. If I were to guess, I’d say you probably watch several hours of television each night before bed? Maybe you stay up late to catch up on your DVR? So, really, where are your priorities. You could have a late-night workout and still have time to watch your shows. Stop using time as an excuse. You could even wake up earlier or use your lunch break to fit in a workout.

Excuse #2: I’m too tired after a long day at work

This is where you have a drill sergeant screaming down your throat, “Suck it up buttercup!” You’re probably too tired because your unhealthy and out of shape. That 9-5, unless you’re working a very labor-intensive job, shouldn’t put you out of commission for the rest of the day. Sure, you may have some days where you’re mentally exhausted, but that’s no excuse why you don’t exercise.

You could easily hit a workout after you’re done in the office to destress and focus on yourself. You could even hit the gym before going into the office to get it out of the way so you “aren’t too tired” after you leave work for the day.

Excuse #3: My schedule doesn’t give me any time to exercise

How much time do you think you’ll have when you get sick with some disease because you haven’t taken care of yourself all these years? Will you have time then to fight to remain alive? Sounds pretty morbid, but the fact of the matter is that those who complain they don’t have time will end up needing to make time to regain their health down the road if they want to have any sort of longevity and live a long life. You can’t tell me you don’t exercise because your schedule is too busy.

Coming from my own personal experience, I run my businesses, I am a husband, and I have three children. Technically, I could say my schedule is the reason I don’t exercise but I know that’s just an excuse and a lie. I get my seven hours of sleep, plus I have time to do everything I need to during the day which also includes a workout for around 60 minutes. If your health means something to you, you’ll find the time to exercise.

Excuse #4: I have kids

Congrats! How fun! And? No seriously… what’s your point? I have kids. My friends have kids. My clients have kids. Are you telling me you don’t exercise because you have kids? Because that’s a terrible excuse.

You can easily fit in a workout WITH your kids. Or, if you have a spouse, you can take turns watching the kid(s) to allow the other to fit in a workout. Better yet, exercise over your lunch break so you don’t take time away from your kids when everyone gets home from work or school. Additionally, what are you doing at night when they go to sleep? You can fit in an at-home workout while everyone is asleep. Use your own body weight or even invest in some adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands and you’re set.

Excuse #5: I don’t have a gym membership and can’t afford one right now

Good news, you don’t need to spend a penny on a gym membership to help improve your health and fitness. Not having a gym membership is no longer an excuse why you don’t exercise. In fact, I advise many people who DO have a membership to do exactly what I’m about to mention.

Go invest in a set of resistance bands that you can keep at home. Not only can you use them at home but when you go on a trip out of town or on vacation, you can take them with you. They are super compact and can easily be tossed in a suitcase or in your car when traveling. With resistance bands (some sets have resistance over 200 pounds) you can exercise at home whenever you want – regardless if you have a gym membership or not. Weather not the greatest and don’t feel like driving to the gym? Use your resistance bands.

Cardio is even easier and FREE! Go walk/run outside. Is the weather not good? Walk the steps in your house or do something like burpees to elevate your heart rate. Not having a gym membership is no excuse why you don’t exercise.

Excuse #6: I’m healthy, thin, and am not sick

Because you’re healthy, thin, and not sick (right now) you think you don’t need to exercise? Interesting. But false. You’re only seeing the exterior. You may look fine on the outside, but inside things could be going all sorts of wrong. You don’t know the health of your heart. You don’t know the health of your organs. You don’t know if free radicals are damaging cells and leading you down the path to illness and disease. You can’t see your blood work if you haven’t had it done. Have you ever cut into what looks like a good piece of fruit just to find the inside is bad? The same thing could be happening with your body.

You can’t wait until illness happens to take your health seriously. By then, it’s already too late and you’re trying to play catch-up. You want to be proactive rather than reactive. Focus on your health now to help prevent and lower the risk of disease. All you need is 150 minutes of exercise each week for many health benefits. That’s only 30 minutes needed five days a week. In the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. Don’t use your current health status as a reason why you don’t exercise. It will come back to bite you in the butt.