$30 For a Gym Membership, too much?

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List how to have a spare $30 a month: Fast food, cigs, beer, sodas/muscle milks.
Have you ever heard someone say they can't afford a gym membership, or they don't have the time to workout? Of course you have! If you're anything like me, you hear these things daily. People that don't go to the gym or workout will find any excuse of why they can't or don't go the gym, while people that are in great shape and workout regularly find find every excuse to get there. Now, i'm not saying the gym has to be your number one priority in life. There are plenty of things I could name that can be more fun on a certain day but to be honest I'd rather workout than do lots of things which isn't the case for a lot of people. Excuses can only fly for so long. "...I would love to, but i don't have time"... No time? You don't have 30-40 minutes to put aside to make the rest of your 23 hours a day that much better? "..I have no energy after work"...No energy? If you started working out slowly a couple times a week, you'd start feeling better, mentally, physically, and you'd slowly program yourself to have much more energy throughout the day. (You'd also sleep better when you start working out) "...I can't pay $30 for a membership, otherwise I would"...No money?! Sure, times are tough right now, but DO NOT tell me you don't have $30 a month to increase your health and quality of life while you can afford to spend 50+ dollars every weekend on bar tabs, cigarettes, and fast food. That last one really ticks me off. It could be considered thee best excuse because of the fact that it is money. However, it becomes the worst excuse and most common one i hear from people. It's also usually the same people spending $120 on shoes, $100 on jeans, and countless amounts of material things all while saying that a dollar-a-day is just something they can't do. Get your priorities straight. No one cares how much beer you bought them last weekend, if you aren't healthy enough to go out next weekend.    width=Stephen Obar (@OBARmuscle) is a writer for various fitness publications, a personal trainer, diet coach and a cancer survivor. Stephen currently spends his time hitting the weights as well as continuing to soak up all he can on the newest and latest bodybuilding and nutrition studies and news.  When he is 'relaxing', you can find him in the kitchen, and overseeing his little brother's nutrition and training as he is a sponsored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.