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Great test boosters in a natural form best bang for your buck.

3 Months To Big Results - The Beast Lean Muscle Training Program

Posted by Mike Wines on


This Is Probably the Hardest Training Program You’ll Ever Try…

I’m not in the business of sales, I’m in the business of results. This article isn’t intended to sell you on the idea of lifting weights, it’s designed to give you results with a detailed training program. However, that comes with a few caveats:
  1. You must show up. This isn’t debatable.
  2. Effort is not optional.
  3. Stick to the plan. You can back off if need be, but adding more is not necessary or ideal.
For the months of October, November, and December we’re going to do something a little bit different. Rather than give you a random 4 or 6-week block of training, we’re going to build out a dedicated 3-month block (training program) with concentrated structure. The 1st and 3rd months are dedicated to bringing up your legs, while the 2nd month is an interim to reduce neurological stress while allowing you to focus on your arms and bring them up. This training program will likely look easy on paper relatively to what’s typically put out in the fitness industry, but I can tell you that most of those workouts are written by individuals who don’t even work with individuals in real life. It’s easy to give someone 10 sets of 10 on multiple exercises when you haven’t done it yourself or given it to anyone else.
Nutrients High, Volume Higher
  We’ll cover the nutritional aspects of this training program here but the most important facet to keep in mind is this:  width=these programs are designed to be completed during a (large) nutritional surplus. If you’re planning to diet through the holiday months, then this is not the program for you. Also, if you’re planning to go keto and try to push yourself through these grueling sessions, you are asking for HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis dysfunction. You will jack yourself up and you’ll be left sorting out the pieces over the next few months. Carbohydrates are the main driver of volume capacity for high intensity activities so our goal during this block of training is primarily to push them high as we drive training volume higher. If you’re not going to put gas in the tank, don’t be surprised when the car doesn’t drive as far or as fast as you’d like it to.
Squat Heavy, Sleep Hard, Eat Well
  I mentioned a few caveats regarding adherence as well as a general nutritional structure but you need to realize that the biggest factor affecting your performance with this training program will be your lifestyle and “recovery efficiency." This is essentially a term I coined to detail how productive you are with time periods of the day which provide the highest ROI (return on investment) relative to the actions taken. For example, it’s not just about sleeping at night. There’s much more to it than simply laying down, closing your eyes, and hoping everything turns out alright. I could write a book on sleep but you’re here for the training, not the circadian biology. So, I’ll save you the lecture - go read this article before you jump headfirst into this program: SLEEP YOUR WAY TO A 6-PACK!
Programming From The Pros - SQUATOBER
  For the month of October, we’ll focus primarily on lower body push variations with back squats and some single-leg work. There are 2 keys that I need to emphasize:
  1. Every day starts with 100 reps of leg press…in 1 set. You must complete it in one set. The goal isn’t to go heavy, the goal is to get in volume. Every day. No grinders, just one smooth set with a huge pump.
  2. You should ideally use a high bar back squat and elevate the heels in order to keep the torso as upright as possible.
   width=Leg Press - 1x100 Reps *High Bar Back Squat (3 Second Eccentric) - 4x6 A1. DB RDL (Toes Elevated) - 3x30 A2. Seated Calf Raise - 3x20 Walking Lunge (Short Steps) - 3x8 (Each Foot) *Use Olympic squat shoes (if possible), along with 10lb plates to elevate the heels and stay as upright as possible ______________________________________________________________________________
  Leg Press - 1x100 Reps > Get all of the reps in one set, use very light weight if need be but keep the tempo constant and movement smooth A1. Parallel Bar Dip (4 Second Eccentric) - 4x6 A2. Sternum Chinup (4 Second Eccentric) - 4x6 B1. Bradford (Over and Back) Press - 3x5 (O&B) B2. Hammer Strength Chest Supported Row (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8 ______________________________________________________________________________
  Leg Press - 1x100 Reps A1. Front Squat (4 Second Eccentric) - 4x4 A2. Back Squat (3 Second Eccentric) - 4x10** B1. GHR (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x6 B2. Leg Extension (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8 **Significantly reduce the weight in order to hit the prescribed sets and reps with the recommended tempo
  Leg Press - 1x100 Reps A1. Low Incline Smith Machine CGBP (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x6 A2. French Press - 3x8 **You may drop the load on each superset but keep the reps as prescribed Wide Grip Lat Pulldown (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x10 B1. Seated Cable Row Pronated Wide Grip (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8 B2. Seated Facepull (High to Low) - 3x12 ______________________________________________________________________________

Programming From The Pros - SWOLVEMBER

   width=After four weeks of doing this, it's time to move to SWOLVEMBER! If you’ve been following the training program, you’ve been hitting legs hard for the last 4 weeks. But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there wasn’t much direct arm work (HINT: I did that on purpose). As such, this next 4-week blocked is designed to give you a bit of a break from all of the neurological demanding leg work before we hit it hard again in December. The concept is simple - every training day starts with the most important component: arms. This block goes out to all the bros training hard over the holidays. Suit up and enjoy the gains.
  A1. Parallel Bar Dip (4 Second Eccentric) - 5x8 A2. Sternum Chinup (4 Second Eccentric) - 5x8 B1. Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8-10 B2. Overhead Tricep Rope Extension - 3x8-10 C1. Rope Cable Hammer Curl - 3x12-15 C2. Tricep Rope Extension - 3x12-15
  A1. Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8-10 A2. Rope Cable Hammer Curl - 3x12-15 B1. Leg Extensions - 3x12 B2. Hack Squat (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8 C1. Reverse Lunge (Big Steps) - 3x6 (Per Leg) C2. Seated Leg Curl - 3x8
  A1. Incline DB Curl (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x6-8 A2. Standing Crossbody Hammer Curl - 3x10-12 (Per Arm) B1. High Incline DB Press (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x6 B2. Machine Reverse Fly - 3x20 C1. Floor Press - 3x6 C2. Seated DB Lateral Raise - 3x12 _____________________________________________________________________________
  A1. Incline DB Curl (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x6-8 A2. Standing Crossbody Hammer Curl - 3x10-12 (Per Arm)   B1. Wide Grip Pullup (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x4-6 B2. Seated DB Shrug - 3x12 Snatch Grip BB RDL (3 Second Eccentric) - 3x8-12 Get through these 8 rigorous weeks and we'll be back in December to finish off this brutal 3-month program. But stick with it and reap the rewards from the hardest training program you'll try!
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