28's for Size

Posted by Connie K on

During this offseason, I've been looking for new and exciting ways to shock my body into some growth.  After all, if I'm going to step back on stage over 220, I'm going to have to do some serious growing and eating!  For size and shock value to the muscle, I'm a fan of every so often doing some 21's or some FST-7 training. Usually, given my body's knack for adaptation, I can use these techniques once every few months or so for a week or two before the shock wears off and I start a nice plateau again. I was excited when my training partner came to me last arm day with a new style of training called 28's.  At first I thought it was just 7 more reps added to my old 21's standby, but I thought I'd give it a go.  It's easiest to explain with arms, and you can use it with just about any arm exercise if you can actually stand the pain.  You'll want to go light - trust me - this is a very humbling training technique. It basically follows this protocol: Begin with 7 full-range full-speed reps Next is a set of 7 reps taking at least 5 seconds on the eccentric and 5 seconds on the concentric motions - again full range Third is 7 full speed reps at the bottom half of the range of motion Finally 7 full speed reps at the top half of the range of motion If you go too heavy, around the third or fourth rep of the 5 second phase, you'll be in tears.  I took my arm workout (the one posted a few weeks ago) and did every exercise for 3 sets using 28's.  My arms were still sore 3 days later, and I got a pump like I haven't had since I first started lifting. 28's don't just have to be for arms - I'm going to be trying them with chest and legs as well.  I have a feeling it may be too intense for most back work, and my shoulders haven't recovered enough yet for me to dare try them.  For chest I think a spotter will be mandatory - the fatigue in the muscle after the 5 second concentric and eccentric phases is just too great, and the possibility for injury is too much.  For legs, I have a feeling this may be more painful than widomaker sets - I can't wait!! Play around with them, let me know what you think, and let me know how effective they are for you!  I know for me they've just become a permanent part of my bulking arsenal! Lift heavy and stay hungry!    width=Wayne is a former “IT” guy who decided to take his love for fitness and turn it into a new career.  Now a personal trainer by trade, Wayne spends his spare time hitting the weights and learning all he can about bodybuilding and nutrition.  He stays true to his IT roots by staying active on Twitter and several online games.