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Gym Etiquette

Do Not Spit Into The Drinking Fountain: For one thing it’s just not sanitary, and should by all means be considered standard gym etiquette. It can spread sickness, make people stray away from consuming water while they are working out which can lead to becoming dehydrated, and who wants to sit and stare at your… Read more »

Dine Out And Stay On Track

“I can’t, I’m dieting,” she replies to a friend requesting to catch up over dinner at the new local restaurant. Do these words sound way too familiar? If you’re a fitness competitor or just someone who is trying to get in the best shape of your life, I’m sure you have said this once or… Read more »

Apple Lamb Sausage and Eggs

Here’s what you will need to make my Apple Lamb Sausage and Eggs recipe. 3 eggs scrambled(1 yolk, 2 whites) 1 homemade Apple Lamb Sausage 1 tbsp parsley •Spices: salt & pepper Apple Lamb Sausage Ingredients: 1 lb ground Lamb 1/2 apple, peeled & finely diced 1 Tbsp thyme, finely chopped (or use 2 Tablespoons… Read more »

Mind-Muscle For Your Back

The phrase “mind-muscle connection” is a common one in bodybuilding, and anyone who has ever tried to build muscle has likely heard the phrases “feeling the muscle working” or “visualizing the contraction.” But have you ever heard the phrase “mind-muscle for your back?” Too many people get obsessed with how much weight they’re pushing rather… Read more »

Get Up And Move

Do you work a desk job? If so, how often do you get up and move around? Many are starting to question the long term effects of sitting for extended periods of time. Some relevant data has started to be analyzed and many are saying that a sedentary lifestyle is trouble. Though nothing is certain,… Read more »