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Gym Etiquette

Do Not Spit Into The Drinking Fountain: For one thing it’s just not sanitary, and should by all means be considered standard gym etiquette. It can spread sickness, make people stray away from consuming water while they are working out which can lead to becoming dehydrated, and who wants to sit and stare at your… Read more »

Your Business Plan For Health

Take some of the basic principles from parts of your life where you have achieved success, and then mold them slightly in order to recreate that success in different forms, and create your business plan for health. The same strategy can be used over and over, just restructured to better suit the given idea, goal,… Read more »

Heating Whey Protein

Does heating whey protein affect the protein content of the powder itself? You will see many answers regarding this question, both yes and no. My personal opinion is yes The Maillard Reaction happens when you heat protein. The amino acid lysine breaks down into a chemical furosine, which is the cause of amino acid damage… Read more »

Red Velvet Beast Cakes

When you’re craving something sweet but want to stay on track with your weight loss goals, try whipping up these guilt-free red velvet Beast cakes. With competition season underway and everyone having to adhere to a strict meal plan comprised of proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and carbs. There are times when you just need something different… Read more »