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Oxygen Magazine Featured Workout Photoshoot

Ever since I started working out, I always looked to the fitness magazines for inspiration. Their pages were filled with delicious recipes, motivation, and fun challenging workouts demonstrated by the most beautiful, in shape and perfectly styled fitness models. I couldn’t get enough of them, I soaked them up like a sponge. I eventually set a… Read more »

Stop Making Excuses

Why do we always seem to come up with excuses for going to the gym? “I don’t have time, this week is too busy, I’ll start next week, I can’t afford to eat healthy, it’s too expensive, or I injured myself so I can’t exercise.” There are so many excuses that get in the way… Read more »

Stay Motivated About The Gym

Don’t feel like going to the gym… would you rather sleep in or hit happy hour after work? We have all been there and I’m sure more likely than not, after skipping the gym you said to yourself, “Oh man, I wish I hit the gym yesterday and didn’t skip my workout.” It’s not every… Read more »