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Losing Weight and Building Muscle

Losing weight and building muscle is a science, but it’s not rocket science. It’s actually very simple, so here are 3 easy steps. Maintain Muscle Burn Fat Stick To a Diet Simple enough, right? If you spend a ton of time on the cardio machines with little to show for it, maybe it’s because you need a little… Read more »

Become A Beast Athlete Search

Would you like to Become A Beast? Beast Sports Nutrition is looking for new athletes to join the already outstanding family of athletes on our team. We are looking for the Best and Beastliest we can find. Everyone is welcome to enter, from amateur to professional. The winner(s) will be announced at the 2015 Mr…. Read more »

Hiring A Personal Trainer

What is the value of hiring a personal trainer? It depends on how serious you are about changing your health and your body. A lot of people can go in a gym and workout each week with the best of intentions. And how many of us workout for weeks and complain about not seeing any… Read more »

Tracking What You Eat

Have you ever logged your food for a full day, or better yet, a full week? It’s interesting what we can learn about our diets when we actually see it all written out in front of us and when we pay attention to tracking what you eat. Some people carry a little book and log… Read more »

Understanding Warm-up and Form

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that end up being the hardest. You don’t just walk onto a basketball court for the first time and drain non-stop 3-pointers or go hit the football field throwing perfect spirals.  Every skill you acquire takes practice to be perfect. The same goes for exercises in the gym. Before you start benching… Read more »