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My Neverending Battle

By Sean Sarantos In my darkest moments I always assumed no one could feel what I was feeling.  That they couldn’t even begin to know the loneliness that only I believed followed me day and night.  I recall one night where my mind and body completely shut down.  I was 12 at the time, sitting… Read more »

Chia Seeds: The Ancient Food of the Future

By Brandan Fokken When you think of the word “chia” you probably think of chia pets, for good reason – chia pets are grown with chia seeds, but for centuries before, these tiny little seeds were used as a staple food by the Indians of the southwest and Mexico. Its use as a high energy… Read more »

5 Healthy Tips to Help You Eat Clean While Traveling

By Brandan Fokken Maybe it’s a much needed vacation getaway, or just another one of those business trips, maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a big challenge. Avoiding unhealthy foods is tough enough as it is, but it can seem impossible if you are rushing to a long flight and will be spending… Read more »

Get Ripped Like Trey Songz: Music Video

  Trey Songz is already a pro in the recording studio, but he’s also out to prove he’s got some skills in the gym. Check out how he trained for his ”Na Na” music video and implement some of his moves into your regimen!

Glute Workout: 6 Moves For Perfect Glutes

By Amber Dawn Orton Whether or not your training for a show, dieting for a vacation, or starring at men in tight football pants, most people admire strong, muscular, “hard” glutes. Having nice glutes has been an area of focus for both men and woman but this has been recently amplified by the focus put on… Read more »

Katie’s Bringing Sexy Back

You see a lot of lower body, mostly booty workouts, so I wanted to share something different. What else do I find super sexy? A well defined back, it’s one of my favorite muscles groups to workout.

HIIT: Tires and Sleds OH MY

By Sean Sarantos A quick and effective little HIIT routine I did yesterday at the end of the workout. Flipping sh#t and dragging a$$ are the hints I’m giving you… 12 minutes with minimal rest in between. The outcome is determined by how hard and fast you can push yourself! Have fun!      … Read more »

IIFYM and Travel

I get asked a lot about how to utilize IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) while traveling. Mostly because anyone who has traveled in prep knows its a royal pain in the ass to carry all your bags with you, let alone prep, prepare, package and weigh your food out previous to leaving for your destination.