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3 Steps to Become More Confident In the Gym

By Brandan Fokken Nothing is worse to me than seeing someone afraid to go to the gym because of self-doubt. If you feel self-conscious at the gym, you are not alone. Everyone has that difficult first day at the gym, before they fall in love with going to gym. To build success in the gym,… Read more »

Understanding Proper Form

By Sean Sarantos One of the biggest topics I always speak about is FORM!  Why?  Because so many folks screw this up!  Being brand new in the gym/home, we allow ourselves to be taught on how to perform exercises by how others around us are doing them.  WRONG!  Although some might be doing it right,… Read more »

When Your Workout Doesn’t Go As Planned

By Ashlee Mickelberry I think all athletes can relate to having a workout not go as planned. Maybe something happens that is outside of your control, like weather or the gym is closed. Sometimes you are fatigued, injured, get behind on your nutrition and it affects your performance. Then there are times when a judgment call… Read more »

10 Ways to establish better eating habits

By Brandan Fokken Set goals- Better eating habits start by having clear and realistic goals.  Write a list of things you want to change about your diet. Also incorporate goals that you may have regarding your body and plan your diet around those goals. I recommend setting present goals, short term, and long term goals…. Read more »

Peanut Butter Beast Whey Protein Cookies

By Tabitha Klausen Because sometimes you just want cookies… Ingredients 1 scoop vanilla Beast Whey Protein 1/2 cup peanut butter 1 egg 2 tablespoons truvia (stevia or sugar) Instructions Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix all ingredients together in bowl well. *optional add m&m’s or Reese’s pieces to make them “dirty” Place 1 1/2inch… Read more »

My Neverending Battle

By Sean Sarantos In my darkest moments I always assumed no one could feel what I was feeling.  That they couldn’t even begin to know the loneliness that only I believed followed me day and night.  I recall one night where my mind and body completely shut down.  I was 12 at the time, sitting… Read more »

Chia Seeds: The Ancient Food of the Future

By Brandan Fokken When you think of the word “chia” you probably think of chia pets, for good reason – chia pets are grown with chia seeds, but for centuries before, these tiny little seeds were used as a staple food by the Indians of the southwest and Mexico. Its use as a high energy… Read more »