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College Fitness Tips

College Fitness Tips: You don’t need an unlimited meal plan or a complicated gym to stay lean and strong at college. Pack your resistance band and master the fundamentals of nutrition, and there’ll be no stopping you! College is complicated. Academics, relationships, finances, parking—all of a sudden, nothing in life is as simple as it was… Read more »

Managing Your Schedule For Success

By: Ashlee Mickelberry I am a full time teacher. With a new school year beginning this week I am reminded of the challenges of juggling work, home, friends, family and a packed training schedule. BUT, it can be done! Here are 4 tips for managing your schedule for success, when your schedule, mind and body… Read more »

Fat Is Where It’s At

Fat is Where It’s At By Brandan Fokken: There is an unhealthy obsession with fat. We count it, pinch it, trim it, measure it, and avoid it, but why? How did our society become so fat-phobic? A Brief History: The low-fat, low-cholesterol dietary dogma was introduced around 1961 by Ancel Keys. What people may not… Read more »

Beast Athlete Brandan Fokken Inspires

Team Beast Elite Athlete Brandan Fokken, has recently wrapped up a very personal interview for Want to know what inspires this Men’s Physique fitness competitor and Team Beast Elite athlete? Read on. When did you get started with fitness? I have loved sports my entire life and always had aspirations of being big and strong. I… Read more »

Hercules: Dwayne Johnson’s Spectacular Story

Dwayne Johnson could tell something was wrong. For all his years in the ring, and for all the times his alter ego The Rock had been dropped on an announcer’s table, slammed headfirst into a steel post, or forced to finish a match as blood gushed down his forehead in rivers, he had never felt anything quite… Read more »