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Hercules: Dwayne Johnson’s Spectacular Story

Dwayne Johnson could tell something was wrong. For all his years in the ring, and for all the times his alter ego The Rock had been dropped on an announcer’s table, slammed headfirst into a steel post, or forced to finish a match as blood gushed down his forehead in rivers, he had never felt anything quite… Read more »

Food Timing & Proper Nutrition

By Katie Chung Hua It wasn’t until I started competing did I realize not only how important food is but the timing of food. One of my weak areas is my legs. I need to put on more muscle in my lower body. That being said when I found this out I was lifting legs two… Read more »

3 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making

By Sean Sarantos COMMON MISTAKES Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that can hinder your fat loss results.  Keep in mind that some are the result of poor information, but others are just from negligence.   We can’t forget just how easy it is to make some of these mistakes without realizing it;… Read more »

Beast Product Reviews by Brandan Fokken

By Brandan Fokken There are a lot of products on the market, and some great ones, but for myself I recommend BEAST Sports Nutrition supplements, their entire line is GREAT! They are also priced right and offer a lot of knowledge/science that backs up what they sell. Without proper nutrition I wouldn’t be where I… Read more »

Tabitha Klausen’s Beastmode workout #1

By Tabitha Klausen This week try something new! Try my 7 day workout and get sweaty! Time to kick it into Beastmode!!!! Happy Training and don’t forget to foam roll and stretch! Tabitha Klausen’s Beastmode workout #1 Day 1 5-30 sec sprints, 30 sec rest 10 sets of 10 box jumps (as high as you can… Read more »

Gym Confidence – 3 Easy Steps

By Brandan Fokken Nothing is worse to me than seeing someone afraid to go to the gym because of self-doubt. If you feel self-conscious at the gym, you are not alone. Everyone has that difficult first day at the gym, before they fall in love with going to gym. To build success in the gym,… Read more »